12 x 32 x 90" Snap Sukkah


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For zipcodes 1001-70001: $342.00
For zipcodes 70002-99403: $422.00

This Snap Sukkah is completely pre-fabricated for quick assembly, and is pre packaged in a few boxes for easy shipping, and storage. The interlocking steel frame is made of galvanized steel coated in rust proof paint, ensuring that it will not rust or corrode. The bars easily lock into one another, providing a strong and durable frame. The bars come with hardened plastic end caps for easy assembling and dismantling. A mallet (rubber hammer) which we provide is the only tool necessary.

Our easy to hang two toned waterproof fabric, easily attaches to the frame with Velcro and string ties, and comes with a storage bag for easy handling & storage. All Sukkahs are equipped with a zippered door and windows, which can be used for light, and can be open for fresh air, or can be partially or completely closed for your privacy, comfort, and wind protection; it also includes beautifully silk-screened walls with Kiddush, & Ushpizin. The Mehadrin straps insure the enhanced Kashrus of the Sukkah. Using the simple to follow detailed instruction sheet, your Sukkah can be up in as little as 30 minutes.

(actual sizes may vary slightly due to manufacturing requirements)

The mats require supports, that are not included when shipped.

4' linkable LED Light - $35.00

4 X 8 x 12 Bamboo Mat - $700.00

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