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About The Sukkah Center

Since 1969 The Sukkah Center has served retail stores with the highest level of quality and service combined with the most comprehensive prices. Many thousands of Jews have enjoyed performing the Mitzvah of eating in a Sukkah thanks to the Sukkah Center.

We carry an entire line of prefabricated canvas Sukkah's, fiberglass Sukkahs, portable Sukkah's, bamboo, bamboo mats, decorations, lulav and esrog sets and accessories as well as custom size Sukkahs for synagogues and school.

You can order from us by calling our toll free number or faxing your orders directly to us at our toll free fax line using our simple custom designed order forms. Orders can also be placed here on the web site. The Sukkah Center can then deliver directly to your customer making no stock or storage neccessary or directly to your store.

We also ship worldwide, and our state of the art computer network allows us to track your shipment from the time you place your order until it reaches your door. So put your trust in the Sukkah Center and call us for a quote. Come and join the 20,000+ satisfied customers The Sukkah Center has served since we've been in business and capitalize on our over 30 years experience.